Our effective mix of design, development and leadership delivers best in class digital products.
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Yakka means work.

At Yakka, we have a simple formula: Great digital products are made when you work hard and have fun doing it. We are experts in building apps of all shapes and sizes. We take the time to understand your product goals, both short and long term and stick with you through the journey.

We don’t smooth talk you. We do what it takes to guarantee success. For real.

We make digital products.
Mobile and web apps are our passion. We've spent a long time making them and we know what works. We love tackling interesting problems in new and interesting ways. (We also do hardware projects if you need one made!)
We use the best technology.
We don't believe in hype and we don't recommend garbage. We use Flutter, Go, Java and Javascript to make our mobile and web apps. We don't just do front-ends, we do back-ends too as well as all the bits in between. No matter what you need, we're here to help you out.
We have insights.
We're experts in digital product strategy. Whether we are just helping to get the product off the ground, or in it for the long haul, we can draw up a plan for success.
We deliver.
Our process gets real, actionable information in your hands as quickly as possible. We structure deliverables so that you can react sooner, make legitimate choices and so we can move forward. Once the job is done, we stick around to make sure everything runs smoothly. We're also happy to help transition the work to your team (or to help create one).
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The Rock
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Flutter is the fastest way to ship on mobile. Period. Flutter is cross-platform but delivers native code so it’s blazing fast to both develop in and run. We have been core contributors to Flutter for two years, we wrote the first major Flutter app for Hamilton and we’re Flutter Google Developer Experts to boot. We are the best people in the Flutter business.
We use React for our web projects because it works. We’re not alone, it’s pretty popular. We can have you up and running with a stable, flexible and good looking web app in no time. We have a proven record for creating rich and interesting web applications and we know how to wrangle the web to make your product awesome.
Whether it is a custom backend, serverless deployment or a console app, Go is the scaleable, fast and straightforward choice. Go has super low deployment requirements and blazing fast execution speeds. No matter your requirements, Go will let you go from zero to super sized scalability in no time.
Node.js is the venerable workhorse of APIs. It’s fast, reliable and widely used. Node.js allows us to quickly iterate using tried and true JavaScript frameworks with a rich number of deployment options (to fit any cost).
Cloud Functions in Go are now public! Let’s run through a common use case for structuring your Functions in Go with a short introduction on how to write and deploy them.
Writing an application for more than one platform is about working to a common design, while still incorporating platform specific UI aspects. You’ve failed if you’ve made two completely different apps. We discuss why.
Kotlin is great but Flutter doesn’t need it (mostly). Let’s explore why Dart is the perfect language for Flutter. You might even be convinced to use Dart elsewhere.
We had the need to add a QR code to the Sixpoint app and no one had come up with a Flutter solution so here it is! Flutter’s custom painting options made it super easy. Learn how we did it.
We run through a common use-case in Flutter applications to discuss how you could leverage the power and flexibility of Widgets to handle visibility on a case by case basis.
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